Functional and easy to use website software. Titanium functions as a well rounded content management system for your web design.

Titanium Content Management Software has "drag and drop" capabilities

Hiring a programmer to just change a few items on a website can be costly. Titanium CMS is an easy web management system that helps its users regularly alter the content of their website without the assistance of a programmer. Seeking out a programmer and finding one that has the same vision as the online manager is unheard of. Because the easy Titanium content management system puts complete power in the hands of the user, the website comes out to the exact specifications they want. Based on a "drag and drop" system, this reliable content management system helps even the most computer illiterate individuals update their website with just a few clicks of the mouse. Before this website management software existed, editing a website was a time consuming and costly endeavor. Available at a competitive price, Titanium content management software makes editing online easy..

Titanium makes it easy to edit, rearrange, and change pages and text

Sometimes, the order of a series of pages or an existing page is not beneficial to the overall look of a website, With Titanium CMS, users can easily discard or rearrange existing pages as well as create new ones. This is all done with just a few clicks, and is all accomplished on one screen. Because this content management software is based on a "drag and drop" approach, text can be rearranged just by clicking and dragging it to another area eof the website. This can take a matter of seconds and can provide the content manager with more time to focus on other valuable projects. In order to edit existing text, it's easy for the user to type text into the pre-existing word processor interface.

Manage forms, files and images without hassle

Another beneficial aspect of this easy web management system is its capability to manage forms, files, and images in virtually no time at all. With a website, a user may be pulling a variety of photos from many different sources. Titanium CMS' file library is extremely convenient because it allows user to access and store video files, photos, and sound clips in one area. Once those files are stored safely into the system, users can edit them for use on their website with this systems' fully integrated editing software. Images can be cropped, rotated, sized, or filtered easily with the help of this software. Users of Titanium CMS will not have to upload any other software to change or edit the look and content on their website. For more information about this revolutionary and easy online management system, visit