The manifest has an XML schema definition file. It is a part of the Titanium Website project in VS. The way that XSD's work is that they are by definition a published standard, requiring a URL. The URL for the current manifest is: So if you need to modify the schema for whatever reason, you then need to update published file. If there is something so dramaitc as to require a version change, there is a version reference in the Manifest tag in the schema.


No matter the desired change, please ensure that it 


1. All file location tags should be called <Path>

2. All assembly type name tags should be called <Type>

3. All elements should be in a pluralized structure - such as <Types><Type></Type></Types>

4. We need to use the same casing for all XML tags. I would like this to be normal camel casing. example: <PageTypeViews>