Steps to publish a tag version of Ti to sitemanager. (Do not use the Visual Studio Publish option)

I am only going to cover the file pushing and not the changes needed to modify the site manager itself. That should be pretty self expanatory.



1. Download the latest tag (this should include all bug fixes).

2. Modify the web.config to change a few things (if they exisit).

a. Remove all conneciton strings.

b. Set the debug="true" to false.

c. Set the useCache="false" to true

d. Set the allowDuplicateLibraryFiles="true" to false

3. Export the Titanium website from SVN, so all of the svn information is removed.

4. Open the Ti solution and build it. (you may need to do this several times)

5. Open the Titanium/bin folder and delete all of the .pdb files.

6. Ensure that the Titanium/uploads folder is empty.

7. You need to delete the Titanium/cache folder, or atleast ensure that it is empty.

8. Delete the Titanium.csproj.user file.

9. Open you FTP client and go to sitemanager.

a. go to the version folder and open/create the folder that relates to the version you are dealing with

b. If there are files. Delete them all. (so we don't have files that should not be there)

c. Now upload the Titanium project. (not the Titanium Solution).