Titanium CMS is proving to be the most versatile and easiest website editors for small business owners, enabling them to manage their own sites.

Many online content management systems claim that they can get reliable results that their users will be pleased with. However, most of these systems do not have the functionality and easily managed features that Titanium CMS has. This is one of the most reliable website editors on the market because it is extremely comprehensive. Users are easily able to edit pages, add text and links, upload images that can be stored for retrieval in the file library, and make their website different with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Edit and Rearrange Pages

Many people say, "I want to edit my own website," but are unaware of how to begin. Titanium CMS is an online editor that gives users that invest in the software the ability to easily edit and rearrange pages on their site, a process that would be almost impossible without this software or a strong computer programming background. All available on one screen, users can quickly add, rearrange or delete pre-existing pages on their website. This is extremely advantageous to the user because it requires hardly any time. Many online editors don't want to spend hours figuring out how to get rid of one page, and Titanium CMS is the solution.

Edit Text, Links, and File Downloads

Links and other text on a website are easily manipulated with the Titanium CMS editor. Because this software is one of the best reliable website editors available, users are only required to click and drop content where they wish to see it. Individuals using this software can edit their website in the same fashion that visitors to the website navigate through it. If the user wishes to add more text, they can use this system’s word processor interface which is uncomplicated and modeled after standard word processing units. If a form on the website is desirable, it can be created and managed entirely on Titanium CMS’ editor software.

Edit and Store Images All in One Place

Images are an essential aspect of any attractive website. Not only are images an crucial design factor, but they are critical to attracting and retaining visitors to the website. With this content management system’s editing software, users are able to store their images and edit them all in one places, saving time and hassle.  Images can be cropped, rotated, or resized and then stored in this software’s convenient file library. This library can store more than just images; it can be a place to put text, files, or other components of a website that are still in process. Titanium CMS is a system for people who say, “I want to edit my own website,” but don’t know where to begin. To find out more about this great content management editor system call 1 (800) 431-9170.