A website editor program designed for small business owners that creates an easy way to manage web pages.

A streamlined website that provides an easy way for users to navigate is a key feature of any small business's success. Titanium CMS is an easy website editor for small businesses because it does not require knowledge of complicated code to operate, and is programmed to make changes to any website a quick affair. Small business owners do not usually have the funds available to hire one person to completely take over the management of their website. Titanium CMS allows business owners to constantly update and change the constant on their website without wasting valuable time figuring out another way to do it.

A program that evolves

Every small business is frequently changing and evolving into something bigger depending on the needs of its clients, demand for the product or service, and state of the economy. Titanium CMS is a way that business owners are easily able to change the content on their website as it develops. The content modules that come with this program are constantly growing and expanding in order to meet the specifications of past clients. With the help of this program, any user can quickly upload images, text, or create and rearrange existing pages on the website. Users who find that this software doesn't have what they are looking for can also take advantage of the custom code module.

Titanium CMS is Easy to Master

The main reason Titanium CMS is an easy website editor for small businesses is because users can simply drag the content they wish to edit and drop it in another location. This brings website editing down to a process of simply clicking a few places and being done with edits in a matter of seconds. Videos and images can easily be downloaded onto the website and stored in the software's file library for future use. If a business owner needs to create a form, all they have to do is use the form creating module that comes with the software. Although these are just a few of the advantageous features this content management system possesses, every aspect provides ways of editing that are easy to use, maintain, and navigate through.

More Than Just a Way to Edit Content

Titanium CMS is an easy website editor for small businesses. However, it is also a way for small businesses to establish themselves on the internet. This content management system comes with a variety of website editing tools plus a search engine marketing tools that help future customers find the business online easily. These tools include features like:
• XML submitted to large search engines
• A keyword research tool that helps identify valuable keywords to use
• Competitive analysis as a way to help identify what words competitors are utilizing
• Page suggestion that helps the user determine what type of pages may be beneficial
For more information about how internet marketing and website editing are combined into one comprehensive system, visit www.titaniumcms3.com.i4test.com.